Top Ten Summer Bedding Plants

By Jessica Mcnamara

Apr 5, 2021

Pink, yellow, orange flowering bedding plants

May is just around the corner and it’s the perfect time to think about your summer bedding plants to create a stunning display of colour all summer long. Our bedding plant range features many popular varieties that are sure to create a summer garden bursting with life and vibrancy. With so many to choose from it can be a difficult task. Our experts here at The Growers have listed 10 of their favourite summer bedding plants, so choosing the best garden bedding plants will be easy.  

pink begonia summer bedding


One of the most popular summer bedding plants, Begonias have large flamboyant flowers in a wide variety of colours. Begonias thrive in both sunny gardens and shaded areas. Flowering continuously through the Summer months until the first frosts, they are perfect for long-lasting displays. Begonias are an excellent choice for your summer garden beds.   

pink geranium summer bedding


These sturdy, sun-loving garden plants are perfect for hot, dry outdoor spaces and flower all summer through to the first frosts. Geraniums are available in vibrant shades of pink, white and red but are also available in a range of bicolour.  Geranium bedding plants are also available in subtle shades of lilac and rich burgundy.   

Geraniums are a perfect choice for your summer bedding, but also a great choice for your garden borders, patio containers, hanging baskets and much more!  

purple petunia summer bedding


Petunias are one of the most popular flowers for summer bedding in the garden. Petunias are well known as one of the most low-maintenance annual flowers to grow and provide long-term colour to brighten up any garden beds.  

Petunias are loved for their large trumpet flowers in a fantastic array of bright colours and patterns, including stripes and picotees. These half-hardy annuals can be trailing or upright and look spectacular planted in beds and borders.   

pink dianthus summer bedding


Dianthuses are popular for their delicious spicy fragrance that will fill the summer garden with stunning sights and smells and will look amazing as part of a summer garden bed display.

pink and purple coleus summer bedding


This stunning, evergreen perennial comes in a variety of vibrant colour and forms, so they are perfect for every garden. Coleus plants unique felty foliage in shades of red, lime-green and cream will make a true sight to behold in the summer garden beds and borders.  

 purple lobelia summer bedding


Lobelias are perfect annual bedding plants that come in shades of cool blue, purple and white. Lobelia produces wonderful waterfalls of vibrant colour during the summer months that are perfect for edging around your stunning summer garden beds, borders and pathways.  

Easy to grow and long-flowering, they are perfect for any summer bedding and are enough to impress your visitors.     

pink sweet peas summer bedding

Sweet peas  

With their sweet fragrance and a wide variety of colours, Sweet Peas are an excellent choice for your summer garden bedding which will provide masses of beautiful fragrant cut flowers throughout the summer months. Dwarf sweet peas are a perfect choice for groundcover at the front of garden beds and borders.  

pink pansy summer bedding


Pansies are a very popular choice amongst gardeners because they are colourful and extremely easy to grow, offer long-lasting colour all the way from May to the first frosts.   

Available in a variety of colours ranging from pure whites to intense purples, they are perfect for brightening up your garden bedding or border displays.   

They are suitable for any sunny or partially shaded position in your garden, they love moist, humus-rich, well-drained soil. Deadheading your Summer flowering Pansies will ensure continuous flowering!  

pink busy lizzies summer bedding

Busy Lizzies  

Producing big spreading plants, Busy Lizzies are superb for ground cover in garden beds and borders and fill your outdoor space with colour up to the first frosts.   

Impatiens have a long-flowering period, bushy mounding habit and a preference for partial shade. Impatiens will produce large flowers in a variety of fruity colours, from pinks to reds through to purples and white, making them perfect for brightening up your summer garden beds.     

white osteospermum summer bedding


These spectacular sun-loving South African daisies are guaranteed to liven up your summer bedding for a bright and cheerful display of vibrant blooms. The Growers are featuring the Osteospermum 3D Collection which doesn’t close overnight, which means you can enjoy their daisy-like appearance from dawn until dusk.