Top Ten plants with pink flowers

By Jessica Mcnamara

May 3, 2021

Pink dianthus flowering plants

If you’re looking for flowers with a gorgeous hue and energetic feeling, try various pink flowers. Pink is a very common flower colour, giving you an endless choice when choosing pink-flowered plants to grow in your garden. We have chosen our top ten favourite plants with bright pink to dark pink flowers.  

Pink Dahlia garden plants



There is a huge variety of dahlias with beautiful pink flowers to grow in your garden. Dahlia flowers bloom from late summer to Autumn, adding a touch of pink to your border displays at the end of the season. They prefer loosened and well drained soil


Pink Osteospermum garden plants


Grown for their stunning daisy-like flowers, which are produced all summer long. There are many varieties of Osteospermum to choose from. Smaller varieties are used in garden containers and hanging baskets.  

Pink petunia garden plant


Petunia offers masses of colour, early flowering and good weather resistance. This makes them our go-to Petunia for hanging baskets and they also look great in containers too. Rose Morning Petunia Tea are perfect for novice gardeners wanting to add a splash of colour to their garden. Great for sunny gardens, on your patio or your balcony.  


Pink Geranium garden plant


Geraniums are a best-seller every summer, and it is clear to see why. They are resilient and don’t need as much water as other plants typically do in summer. They will thrive in sunny gardens but are also happy in more shaded areas too. The Geranium Savannah range is one we have grown for years; the luscious green foliage, combined with the large heads of colour give the illusion of masses of flower lollipops. A must-have for any garden beds, patio or balcony! 


Pink Fuchsia garden plant


Our pick of the ‘pop’! As soon as the first of the teardrop buds pop and burst into life, to reveal a beautifully intricate bloom, the others won’t be far behind, and you will have a sea of pink and purple blooms in your container.  

The Fuchsia Jollies range will thrive in any amount of sunshine and will be forgiving if they are not watered for a couple of days. They continue to flower throughout summer and are a real showpiece in a garden of any size. Perfect for containers of any type of planted at the front of mixed borders. Fuchsia Jollies Odeon is also a great option for window boxes – great if you have a balcony garden or smaller terrace-style outdoor space.  


 Pink Begonia garden plant


Begonia plants are a firm favourite of our growers, and you can see why! Their masses of pom-pom like, large double flowers keep coming throughout the summer, giving your garden colour well into the late summer months.  The pink Begonia Fortune will look amazing in your patio containers, window boxes, hanging baskets, garden beds and borders into the early Autumn months.
Strawberry Begonias are excellent as ground cover plants, for planting in rock gardens or containers, and for filling cracks and crevices.
Almost look like mini heart-shaped pink roses don't they?


Pink Dianthus flowers


Dianthus natural colours are pinks and pinkish purples. Dianthus will fill your garden with beautiful summer colour and fragrance. These playful flowers are also edible and are often used as garnishes.  Make gorgeous cut flowers to fill your home with floral delight.  


Pink Hyacinth garden plants



Soft, rose pink white flowers forming a dense, cylindrical cluster. A great choice for patio pots and window boxes in full sun. Plant it near a pathway or entrance, so the loveliest scent of spring can best be appreciated. Even at a distance, you’ll notice these flowers’ intense fragrance and spikes shape flower of bright colours.

These pretty, perfumed blooms enjoy full or partial sun and typically appear from March to April, growing to a height of one feet tall.

 Pink Hydrangea garden plants


There are over 70 different types of hydrangeas, they can be recognized for their lush sets of flowers that grow out from green leafed bushes. Hydrangeas are a perfect addition to your garden. They produce large colourful clusters of blooms that will brighten any outdoor space. Some say these are fragrant flowers that are sweetly scented. Also look great with white flowers, but we won't go into that right now!

 Pink primrose garden plants


Can be spotted by their pastel or deep pink petals that fade into a lighter inner circle with a white yellow stamen. They are low maintenance so perfect for novice gardeners.  

Primrose flowers bloom throughout spring and summer.