Best garden plants for balconies

By Jessica Mcnamara

May 3, 2021

Balcony covered in flowering plants

You may not have a garden but don’t let that stop you from creating the garden of your dreams. When buying balcony plants, there are a few things that you should consider. Weight can be a factor when choosing items for your balcony, know how much weight your balcony can take because big terracotta pots with compost in can be surprisingly heavy!  

You should also consider how exposed your balcony is, if it’s windy and not very sheltered you may need to create your own sheltered area and choose plants for exposed spots.   

Finally, you should also think about how much sun your balcony gets. If it’s in the shade for most of the day you should choose shade-loving plants. Bedding plants on sunny balconies are prone to sun scorch, so make sure you choose wisely!  

Pansies & Violas


Pansies & Violas  

For bright, cheery colours ranging from deep purple to oranges and yellows that will make you smile in Autumn, during mild winter weather, and through most of the spring, pansy flowers and viola flowers are supreme. Plant pansies & violas in early Spring and they will last until it gets to the height of summer. These thrive in mild temperatures. Growing pansies in window boxes and pots is very popular amongst gardeners.  


Hydrangea Balcony Plants


Hydrangeas are very comfortable in pots for those who have a balcony instead of a garden. These flowers create a beautiful spherical shape. Some varieties tolerate more sun than others. When growing Hydrangeas you need to be aware that they need part sun to shade.  

There’s absolutely no reason you can’t grow these stunning shrubs in pots on your balcony, a perfect option for people who are limited in space, so get planting! Hydrangea flowers can also be cut and made into a great table centrepiece! 


Mandevilla Balcony Plants


This tropical climber loves the heat, in cold climates you can bring it indoors. Mandevilla comes in shades of pinks and reds. Mandevilla needs mostly sun but shield it from a hot afternoon sun in warm climates.   


Pink Hibiscus Balcony Plants


The exotic blooms and rich colours of hibiscus make a stunning addition to a balcony garden. Some can be overwintered indoors, though it’s a bit tricky because they need full sun!  


Purple Lobelia Balcony plants


Lobelia with purple, white or blue flowers looks amazing cascading from containers and baskets. Lobelia loves morning sun and afternoon shade, but it will do okay in mostly shade. Lobelia plants bloom best before night time temperatures get too warm.   


 Pink and purple fuchsia balcony plants


Attract some nature to your balcony with these because Hummingbirds and butterflies absolutely adore Hardy Fuchsias. These stunning annuals in shades of pink, purple or red are best displayed in hanging baskets and window boxes. 


Pink begonia balcony plants


When kept in lightly shaded areas, these flowers will bloom year after year. Not only are the flowers stunning, but so are the leaves. The leaves add texture to the overall feel of Begonia by providing lusciously large green and jagged leaves. 


Pink petunia balcony plants



Petunias love a good amount of sun. There are several colours to choose from and they are very easy to grow. Grow Petunia on your balcony to give a stunning display! 

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