About Us

Pledge to the planet

Plants have been running through our veins since 1988

We love plants, we love growing, and most of all, we love helping you to enjoy both of those things as much as we do.




Welcome to our community of growers – where staying clean is frowned upon, where everyone gets their hands dirty and where learning happens.



Our wonderful planet is at the heart of what we do here at The Growers. From our packaging to our water, everything is planned with the environment at the forefront of our minds.



We nurture your plants from the very start of their life, right through to your home or garden.


Our mission: Let’s grow, together.
We believe anyone can grow. From garden boxes, patio containers, inspiring indoor plants to creative borders.
With the right plants and growing knowledge, we can help everyone from expert growers to first time sowers.
We have one of the largest most sustainable and efficient greenhouses in Europe. Combine this with the knowledge of our super growers and you have access to not only the best quality plants but the years of growing expertise of our team.


Gardens have the ability to do so much more than look beautiful. That morning breath of fresh air, a simple moment of mindfulness to switching off and getting creative. We want to share the joy of growing with everyone and every budget. So, pick up your gloves, bang the mud off the wellies and pick up that trowel.

Gardening is a pastime that doesn’t discriminate. Gardening is for everyone and it has no limits! We’re here to lend a hand of support throughout your gardening journey. The Growers really can’t wait to watch your plants grow alongside you!

Our Story

Plants have been running through our veins since we planted our first seed in 1988.
Since then, we have grown and evolved into one of the most sustainable and efficient (and largest!) greenhouses in Europe. This means that the quality of our plants is top notch! The skill and knowledge of our super growers, combined with the automation of our sustainable greenhouse means your plants are grown to flourish, grown to last and grown to delight.

The Values We Grow By

We Grow Our People

Our plants keep on growing, so should we. We are always innovating, looking at ways we can advance and improve. Growing is never about standing still.

We Grow Your Knowledge

Our knowledge is your knowledge. We are always looking for ways to share our growing knowledge. We want all our plants to have the same love and care when they leave our greenhouse. The best way to ensure this is to share the growing knowledge with you.
Happiness for seasons to come.

We Grow Our Planet

Green runs in our veins. Our planet is precious, and we do everything we can to nurture it. We collect the rainwater and use it to water our plants, our greenhouses are all heated with biomass (a renewable energy source) and our glass is some of the most efficient in Europe.

Meet The Growers

Our growers here are some of the best around… just ask our plants! They do all of the hard work for you, nurturing your garden plants from the start of their life as a seed or tiny plant, all the way through to hand-picking it to send to you just before it is about to bloom into life.

About our growers