Top ten plants with yellow flowers

By Jessica Mcnamara

May 11, 2021

Yellow sunflowers

Yellow might just be the most cheerful colour, so it really does not surprise us to know that many gardeners want to grow at least one garden plant with yellow flowers. And we think you should grow more! The brightness of yellow really pops against almost any background giving you a bright and cheery view! 

Yellow is also very versatile – it can be combined with red and orange shades to create a HOT border or contrasted with blue for a vibrant and bold look. We at The Growers have picked out a few of our favourite garden plants with yellow flowers.  

Yellow petunia potunia garden plants



Our Petunia Potunia range loves the sunshine – perfect for your sunny garden. Their mounding nature means they are great for garden beds, borders, and patio containers, forming a large ‘mound’ of blooms, and are low maintenance apart from the occasional removal of dead heads and frequent watering during the hottest months. Yellow Petunia Potunia has a subtle two-tone appearance, with a deeper buttery-yellow centre fading into a cream edge. Perfect to complement neutral tones in your outdoor space or provide contrast to brighter colours. They will continue to flower throughout the summer months if watered and dead-headed, a staple for any garden! 


Yellow Osteospermum cape daisy

Osteospermum Cape Daisy

Our range of Osteospermum Cape Daisy ® plants provide an easy-care solution for any sunny spot in your outdoor space. This single-flowering variety have a beautiful daisy-like appearance and are guaranteed to add colour throughout the summer season. Well known for their resilient nature, so they will tolerate the occasional forgetful waterer, light frost as well as heat and drought. Plant these daisy-like plants in containers for colour that can be moved all around the garden, or into your garden beds to complement your other plants.  

Yellow dahlia garden plants


Perhaps the earliest flowering of all our Dahlia plants, the Dalaya ® range is perfect for filling out your patio containers in the early summer months. Its vivid green foliage is contrasted by wonderful yellow blooms is also great at attracting birds to your garden. This delightful Dahlia will attract pollinating insects to your garden – great if you live in urban or newly developed area where the biodiversity can sometimes be low. While they don’t love long, hot summers, they do like full sun and well-draining soil in more moderate climates.  


Yellow and white nemesia bedding plants


This is a great option for those looking to add fantastic colour and a beautiful fragrance to their garden. The yellow and white dainty flowers grow closely together to create a blanket of colour and striking impact. Nemesia is a wonderful addition to your beds, borders and patio containers. 


Yellow begonia garden plants


Begonia plants are a firm favourite of our growers, and you can see why! Their masses of pom-pom like, large double flowers keep coming throughout the summer, giving your garden colour well into the late summer months. The yellow begonia fortune will look amazing in your patio containers, window boxes, hanging baskets, garden beds and borders into the early Autumn months. Begonias are pretty easy to grow, but they do require some maintenance. For Begonia to thrive, you’ll want to remove dead flowers, leaves, and stems.  


 Yellow pansy


Gardeners seem to have a sweet spot for pansies, and you can eat them as well! Pansies come in a wide range of colours and can bloom in any season. They may look delicate but are actually some of the hardiest flowers around.  


Yellow marigold plants


A well-known flowering annual to add colour and cheerfulness to your garden all summer long. They have carnation-like flower heads with thick layers of ruffled petals. One of the easiest annuals to grow, marigolds thrive in full sun and do well in almost any soil type.  

Marigolds have fragrant foliage and flowers that are said to deter destructive garden insects. Marigolds are often planted among vegetables in organic gardens.  


Yellow gerbera daisy plants


Gerbera Daisy

These bright and cheerful flowers come in many different colours.  

 Yellow ranunculus


Also known as the buttercup, ranunculi will last up to seven days with little care once cut, making them perfect cut flowers. Ranunculus come in bright colours and grow on long stems.  

 Yellow primrose flowering plants


This goblet-shaped flower, blooms in yellow, pink or white and can be very fragrant. Hardy and colourful, primroses thrive in cool, moist environments. If you live in a warmer climate, plant them in shaded areas and add a layer of mulch to help retain moisture.  
Now you know our favourite garden plants with yellow flowers, it’s time to transform your garden into a sea on cheerfulness!