Conservatory Shrubs & Climbers

By Jessica Mcnamara

Apr 19, 2021

Conservatory covered in shrubs and climbing garden plants
A conservatory provides another dimension in gardening. Many plant species thrive in these conditions. Tender & exotic plants can be nurtured and appreciated.  
Historically, conservatories or orangeries were used to grow citrus fruit. Nowadays, conservatories are designed as additional living space and provide wonderful links to the outside world.  
Climbers and shrubs add to the décor of a room. They bring life, help purify the air and can even bring heavenly aromas to your home.  
Our growers have picked their favourite shrubs & climbers to give your conservatory some structure & character: 


Trachelospermum asiaticum

Trachelospermum asiaticum 

This woody, evergreen climber thrives in an unheated sunroom, the pure white scented flowers open amongst glossy leaves in mid to late summer. This twining climber can be cut back in early spring and moved outside for summer. Pot plants in loam-based compost and place in full but not direct sun.  
Pandorea Jasminoides

Pandorea Jasminoides 

In spring and summer this dramatic scented twiner produces flared, tubular white flowers which are stained magenta pink in the throat amongst glossy leaves. Plants flower particularly well if they are grown in pots which is why they do so well in conservatories. You can keep them pruned to encourage ample flowering.  

Stephanotis Floribunda

Stephanotis Floribunda  

A very attractive shrub which is grown for its rich fragrance as well as its colour. The clusters of waxy white flowers open from spring to autumn amongst leathery, glossy foliage. Appreciates slightly more humid conditions than many other conservatory plants.   

Plumbago Auriculata

Plumbago Auriculata 

This scrambling shrub brings about stunningly rich, verdant leaves juxtaposed by summer sky blue, star-shaped flowers. Best grown in a pot, helped up a trellis or wall of a conservatory and placed outside on a patio over summer. They require a temperature that remains above 0 degrees Celsius and only need to be pruned once in springtime.  

Passiflora x exoniensis

Passiflora x exoniensis 

Passion flowers are always a popular choice, but this hybrid is particularly breath-taking. Produce vivid rosy, red, 10 cm flowers in summer and autumn which look down at you from the conservatory roof. These are often followed by passion fruits that are around 9cm in size. They require a temperature above 1 degree Celsius and happy outside in summer.  

 Brugmansia arborea ‘Knightii’

Brugmansia arborea ‘Knightii 

This rich scented shrub features pure white flowers. Flowering from late spring right into autumn, cut back in spring to prevent plants becoming too large.  

Citrus x microcarpa

Citrus x microcarpa 

Produces large numbers of small orange fruits. Excellent as marmalade, the fruits can also be frozen whole to be used as an ice cube. The fruits are preceded by fragrant white flowers in spring and summer.    

Gardenia Jasminoides

Gardenia Jasminoides 

The ivory white flowers of this bushy shrub produce exceptional aromas. The blooms appear singly or in small clusters and they open over many weeks in summer and autumn amongst glossy, dark green foliage.  

Gardenia Jasminoides

Hibbertia Scandens 

A vigorous climber with twining stems, the bright yellow flowers sit amongst dark leathery foliage in summer. Require a temperature above 5 degrees Celsius, but will grow outside along the Cornish coast. The shoots need tying in regularly to avoid the plant becoming too tangled and unmanageable.    

Jasminum Azoricum

Jasminum Azoricum 

This Madeiran native has a delightful scent. The white flowers open from purplish buds mainly towards the end of summer. Its lax stems make a twining climber which needs tying in regularly but is relatively tough.