About Us

Our pledge to the planet

we nurture our planet like we nurture our plants

Our wonderful planet is at the heart of what we do here at The Growers. From our packaging to our water, everything is planned with the environment at the forefront of our minds.

sustainability at the heart.

We are so proud that we are home to one of the largest, and most sustainable, glasshouses in Europe. Spread over 60 acres (about 30 football pitches!) our glasshouses provide the best growing environment for your plants, meaning they are grown to thrive for you.

the way we grow

We water our plants using rainwater we have collected from our specially-designed roof, filtering it and watering plants on benches from underneath – this means you don’t get any water marks on the leaves and they are much less prone to disease.

The glasshouses are really energy-efficient because they are so new, so they retain lots of heat from the sun. When we need more in the colder months, we use biomass heating (a renewable energy source) to keep the plants warm.

We are journeying towards becoming a Net Zero business, so we are always looking for ways to improve our environmental credentials as a company and reduce our carbon footprint.

Our packaging

We keep this to a minimum as much as we can. This website is your hub for all things plant care, so we can avoid sending unnecessary paper with your order. That said, we want to make sure your plants arrive safe and in a great condition to allow them to thrive in your garden, so the packaging we do use has been sourced responsibly and with the planet in mind.

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