Our packaging

We keep this to a minimum as much as we can. This website is your hub for all things plant care, so we can avoid sending unnecessary pieces of paper with your order. That said, we want to make sure your plants arrive safe and in a great condition to allow them to thrive in your garden, so the packaging we do use has been sourced responsibly and with the planet in mind – and absolutely everything is either recyclable or compostable.


Pots – our outdoor pots are made from recycled paper pulp and are biodegradable. They can be composted at home with your garden waste, and they can even be planted directly into the ground with your garden plant for a really easy solution! They will biodegrade over a year and won’t impact upon the growth of your plants. The material the pots are made from is also recyclable, however unless the pots are clean, we do not recommend this.
Our indoor pots are plastic, however as you will most likely not be disposing of these pots (they will stay on the plant and go into your decorative pot) our biodegradable paper pots aren’t really suitable. If you do end up taking the plastic pot off, either keep it and use it again, or rinse it out and then recycle it (check locally)
Trays – also made from paper pulp like the pots. As long as these trays are brushed clean of any compost, they can be recycled along with your paper and card waste.
Box – 100% recyclable along with your paper and card waste, and they are also made from 100% FSC certified board.
Tape – all of our tape is paper-based and can be recycled too.
Information leaflet – made from 100% recycled paper material and can be recycled too. We use water-based inks, which are much kinder to the planet.
Care card – a polyester-coated material to protect it from the rain and damp soil. If you don’t want to keep it for reference, then these can be recycled (just check locally). This is the only plastic-based piece of packaging and we are working really hard to eliminate this.