Our Plants

The pièce de résistance… our wonderful plants!

We nurture your plants from the very start of their life, right through to your home or garden.
Your plant will start its life as a tiny cutting or a seed. We plant these into their pots and watch them grow! They are fed using planet-friendly fertilisers, only where absolutely necessary. Plants are powerful, and so we like to only help them along when they really need it.
Plants in a biodegradable pot
Our growers work with a wide network of plant breeders (the experts who craft the genetics of the plants) to bring you some of the most robust, UK-weather friendly varieties, that are grown to thrive and provide incredible performance in your garden or home. We often get exclusives of new varieties too, so keep your eyes peeled… you’ll be the talk of the street if you get your hands on these.
Where we don’t grow the plants ourselves (some plants just don’t grow well in the glasshouse environment in the UK) we work with our growing partners, who we have known for years, to provide us with the best quality plants available.
We source responsibly and ensure that all of our suppliers align with our environmentally friendly ways of working and high-quality standards.