The Grow-down: Bedding Plants

By Jessica Mcnamara

Mar 10, 2021

Orange, yellow and red bedding plants
So – what are bedding plants? Our short introductory guide here will give you the lowdown (or ‘grow-down’…) on everything you need to know about garden bedding plants.


Bedding plants – what are they?

Bedding plants are typically colourful, tender plants that are usually annual bedding, meaning they will usually only survive one season (whether that be Spring, Summer or Autumn).

By tender, we mean that they are more sensitive to seasonal changes, and therefore this is usually the reason they will naturally die off. For example, Summer bedding plants are usually not frost-tolerant and therefore cannot withstand cold temperatures; Spring and Autumn plants will usually be tolerant to frosts, however, will not enjoy the rise in temperatures in summer and gradually die off in warmer weather.

One of the main positives of bedding plants is the beautiful colour and spectacle they bring to your outdoor space. Available in almost any colour you could imagine, their spectrum of bright and pastels are great for any outdoor space and you are guaranteed to find a variety that fits perfectly with your garden colour scheme.


How do I look after them?

Depending on the season (Spring, Summer, Autumn Winter), they are pretty low maintenance which make them the perfect plant for novice gardeners. Their tender nature does mean that in warmer and drier months (British summertime, if we are lucky!) they will need watering most days, but it’s a great excuse to get outside in the sunshine every day and take a break.

Some varieties are also more prone to certain pests and disease; however, this is very dependent upon variety so we encourage you to check out our Bedding Plant Care Guides for more specific information by variety.

Some plants prefer sunny spots, some prefer the shade, and some just do not mind – they will thrive anywhere.

Keeping them fed and watered is key – we have also heard that talking to them really helps!


Do I need a big garden?

Absolutely not – in fact, plants are perfect for the smallest of outdoor spaces, even window boxes! They are a brilliant option for patio plants, beds and borders and patio pots, that are then as flexible as you. If you move, take them with you.

Window boxes, garden containers and hanging baskets are great options for bedding plants as they allow you to add pops of colour in your outdoor space, be that a balcony, terrace, garden patio or a big green lawn!


Anything else I should know?

Every year, the plant breeders that we work with are producing some incredible new varieties of bedding plants. There are so many varieties already available, which means that the possibilities of what plants can be created are almost endless!

Bedding plants offering a myriad of amazing properties – some attract bees and butterflies, some are scented, but all of them add amazing colour. Take a look at our range of in-season bedding plants here and prepare to be amazed!

We have a wide range of begonia plants, petunia plants, fuchsia plants, pansy plants etc. for you to choose from so grab your garden tools and get ready to grow for it.

Check out our range of garden ready plants here.